Following dr. Henrik Tuma

Julius Kugy and Henry Tuma respected each other even when they were exploring the mountains at the same time and were viewing the ascents they made from different points of view. Within this group we follow the leads of the first ascents across steep and demanding walls which took place at the beginning of the 20th century. Many a person would just not pay any attention to that. But extremely sensitively found passages that made possible safe ascents with the climbing technique of that time, agitate our imagination still today after we had made the ascent – how were they able to come across in those days – change our view of those who were the first to find their way and a part of their life stories that no one has been able to take away from them.

Tour Most suitable perod Number of guests
Jerebica, Tumova smer may – october 2
Veliki vrh (Rombon), Tumova smer maj – oktober 2
Loška stena, Tumova smer may – october 2
Veliko špičje, Tumova smer may – october 2
Triglav, Tumova smer may – october 2
Mojstrovka, Tumova smer may – october 2
Kanjavec, Tumova smer may – october 2
Bavški Grintavec, po grebenih may – october 2


  • summer mountain equipment,
  • climbing harness,
  • helmet,
  • carabiner with nut,
  • 120 cm sling,
  • rope descending device