Ski touring

Every tour skiing represents a new challenge; it is a journey through the woods as early as in the morning dusk or across snowy plains in the last hours of the darkness in the high mountains, where the first morning sun raising in a new day bestows upon us his own shadow that will accompany us till the evening. Lighter touring skiing lasts one day, others last more days, but they all demand a serious approach and if necessary an introduction and a preparations for such tours, so that the descent from the summit into the valley is a surprise, like a reward, as something we were not actually looking for but will all the same leave in us its bright trace, like our skis on the snowy slopes. Before the next new ascent and descent from the peak.

Tour Mostsuitable period Number of guests
Komna – Triglavska jezera–Triglav–Krma or Bohinj december – april 4
Krn – normal / Lužnica / Lepena / Komna december – april 4
Špik nad policami (Montasio) december – april 3
Podrta gora december – april 3
Vrh nad Škrbino december – april 4
Jerebica december – april 3
Kriška stena december – april 3
Dovška Baba december – april 3
Vrtača december – april 3
Haute route marec – maj 4-6

Necessary equipment

  • winter pprotective and personal equipment,
  • climbing harness,
  • carabiner with nut,
  • sling (120 cm),
  • crampons,
  • ice-axe,
  • helmet,
  • touring skis and boots,
  • skins,
  • poles