Magnificent and solitary ridges of Slovenian mountains are famous for their remoteness, views, for in good weather conditions one can see remarkable peaks, their walls full of historical images, as well as the sea to the south and distant mountains all around. Mountain crests tours of various levels of difficulty and agitation, where chamois paths lead us across pretty and easiest passages or across agreeable and eminent climbing spots. Since some of the tours are longer and more demanding in fine weather we will spend the night in the mountain crests, and finish the second part of the tour the following day. Every time everything is different than the time before.

Tour Most suitable period Number of guests
Macesnovec – Dimniki – Luknja peč – Rjavina – Triglav june – october 2
Široka peč through Krnica za Široko pečjo (Amfiteater) june – october 2  
Široka peč – Dovški Križ june – october 2
Goličica – Kanceljni – Planja june – october 2
Krnica – Veliki Oltar – Dovški Križ – Vrata june – october 2
Trentski Pelc – Srebrnjak june – october 2
Kranjska Rinka – Skuta june – october 2
Loška stena june – october 2
Veliki Greben – Streža – Skuta june – october 2
Rigljica – Frdamane police june – october 2


  • summer mountain equipment,
  • climbing harness,
  • helmet,
  • carabiner with nut,
  • 120 cm sling,
  • rope descending device