Family trips

There are also tours suitable for almost everybody and for which we decide just like that, because of the day, because the sun is shining or because it was raining the whole week, and everything is still wet, and where, in spite of the weather, we can choose the appropriate path for a moment of freedom, joined excursion, and laughter along the way.
Where security is taken care of and where the mountain top is not the aim, but the path.
Into the valley.

Tour Most suitable period
Tinjan anytime
Slivnica anytime
Slavnik anytime
Blegoš anytime
Nanos anytime
Jerebica may – october
Krn – normal / ferrata ‘pot Silva Korena’ may – october
Montasio / Špik nad polico – ferrata june – september
Viš – ferrata june – september
Nabojs june – september
Prisojnik – normal / Hanzova ferrata most of the year
Mojstrovka – normal / Hanzova most of the year
Mangrt – normal (Italian ferrata) / Slovenska (ferrata) most of the year
V. vrh (Rombon) – normal most of the year
Bala / Zapotok – Bavški Grintovec june – september


Suitable mountain and personal equipment