WWI Isonzo front

Following the events of the early 20th century, when lives were cheap, true friends were scarce, countries dissolved and borders shifted. Bridges, marching routes, engravings, The Way of Death to Vodil vrh, ditches, and positions, caverns and altars, kilometres of barbed wire, remains of grenades and graves. Remember!

Tours Most suitable period Number of guests
Tolmin–Mrzli vrh–Sleme–Lužnica–Rdeči rob–piramida–Krn – Krnčica all year long 10
Tolmin– Čadrg–Polog–Lašca– Škofič – Vrh nad peski – Krnsko jezero – Krn – Krnčica – Polovnik – Žaga večino leta 10
Kluže – V. vrh– Črnelska špica all year long 5
Lepena–Krn–Vrh nad Peski – Šmohor– Rdeči rob all year long 10
Drežnica – Krasji vrh –Polovnik – Žaga all year long 5


Mountain and personal equipment suitable to the circumstances