Mountains with glaciers

There is always a number of people on normal ascents in the beautiful mountains. Less besieged ascents to prominent peaks can be slightly more demanding because they might include snow, rock as well as altitude. This is why some tours such as these request a previous introduction, a good and prepared mountaineer who will not be bored during the investigations lasting more that one day in the high mountains. Such tours mostly start in cottages the caretakers of which can be a real treasury of historical curiosities, weather happenings and stories about Alpine guides.

Tour Most suitable period Number of guests
Veliki Klek – Grossglockner – Stuedlgrat / normal / Pallavicini june – september 2
Gran Paradiso – normalni pristop june – september 4
Mont Blanc – prečenje june – september 2
Nadelhorn june – september 2
Marmolada – roundtrip june – september 3
Haute route– ski tour march – may 4-6


  • winter protective and personal equipment,
  • climbing harness,
  • carabiner with nut,
  • sling (120 cm),
  • crampons,
  • ice-axe,
  • helmet,
  • (skis, poles, boots).